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At Contrôles RL, we’re committed to ensuring that you receive the most satisfactory customer service. That’s why we’re constantly adapting to the specific nature of the different industries with whom we work.

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Our strength lies in our quick understanding of your needs, thorough expertise, and the rigorous, confident care we take with your projects.
Choosing Contrôles RL means choosing to optimize the performance of your projects through technological and safe custom solutions.

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We work in total collaboration with our clients to better understand their needs. We make a point of adapting our services to each of them and of offering them products with the best value for money.



We are aware of how important delivery deadlines are and make every effort to provide the best response time, through our rigorous supply chain management.


Customer service

Always attentive to our clients, our multidisciplinary staff strive to carefully respond to each request.



Our products are certified and recognized by the regulatory bodies.

Our areas of application

Our experts offer you advisory services to find you the solution most adapted to your automated system projects.

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