Air Liquide Gaz Manufacturing Plant Montreal, Qc., Canada

Mention of the industry
Air Liquide is a manufacturer of gas and welding products.

Areas of application
Automation and motor control

Product categories
PLC panel, driving force control, pneumatic

Date de livraison
Since 1996

Goals and

Since the early 1990s, we’ve been working in partnership with Air Liquide. For this project, we built control enclosures for the pure nitrogen production systems (cryogenic technique using fractional distillation of air on site). Using an industrial PLC, these enclosures control air dryers, thermal elements, analyzers, and different components.

Key elements of
the project

Each production unit includes one control section per programmable PLC, one power section that includes the disconnectors and the motor control, and a pneumatic part with the valve connection.

The enclosures had to be manufactured for outdoor locations. They are designed to be heated, insulated, and weatherproof.


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