Alcoa Aluminium Fjardaal Aluminium Smelter Reydarfjordur, Iceland

Mention of the industry
Fjardaal uses advanced technologies and processes to establish new production standards for sustainable aluminum in a fragile environment.

Areas of application
Automation, instrumentation, and telecommunications

Product categories
PLC panels, tank control panels, junction boxes, pushbutton stations, telecommunications panel, operator console.

Delivery date
2006 to 2007

Goals and

Full automation of a new aluminum production plant. Production of more than 350 tank control panels, several PLC panels, and communication for plant management.

Key elements of
the project

We delivered a turnkey project to Fjardaal, and we worked in close collaboration with the project manager.

We manufactured all the control equipment according to European standards and set up CE-certified tools. Contrôles RL was responsible for overseas packaging and logistics.

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