The Société de Transport de Montréal Ventilation Station Montreal, Qc., Canada

Mention of the industry
High-performing public transportation network (bus and metro)

Areas of application
Automation, instrumentation, motor control, and telecommunications

Product categories
PLC panels, junction boxes, control station

Delivery date

Goals and

This was a multi-faceted project goal. Our specialists designed panels to control a mechanical ventilation station, programmed the PLC’s, and oversaw the programming. To completely fulfill our mission, we set up an STM staff training module.


Key elements of the

As part of this project, we had to give training, in our offices, to the employees responsible for STM maintenance on the various types of panels involved in the project. We produced a learner’s manual, a trainer’s guide, a laboratory manual, an exam on the training received, and a PowerPoint presentation.

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